Which questions would you ask?

We have put together a series of Factsheets aimed to help all those in governance roles in our schools and academies to evaluate and monitor important aspects of their school.

Each sheet contains an introduction to the subject, mechanisms the Governing Body can employ to facilitate the flow of information (eg Link Governors or Subject Champions) and a list of sample questions that governors can ask.

We are constantly adding to the list of topics covered and welcome any suggestions for subject matter.  Please contact main@nores.org.uk with any ideas, comments or feedback.

Governance Handbook

A general introduction to governance in a Catholic school can be found in the NORES Governance Handbook. Click here to download your copy or contact Debbie Main on 01582 723312 or main@nores.org.uk for printed copies (charged at £5 for 20 booklets).

There are a number of factsheets available to download, please follow the links below:

Governor Basics:

Catholic Life: Evaluation and monitoring of the Catholic Life and Ethos of your school.

Safeguarding and Welfare: How does your school manage safeguarding and welfare?

Behaviour and Attendance: What is your school behaviour strategy, how do governors monitor its effectiveness?

Mental Health: Promoting positive mental health of your whole school community.

Looked After Children & Special Educational Needs: How well does your school serve pupils with additional needs?

Disadvantaged Pupils & Pupil Premium: How do the interventions and strategies in place to serve disadvantaged pupils accelerate pupil progress?

School Finance: How do you discharge your responsibility to monitor the school finances?

Premises: Unlike maintained schools, the land and buildings are usually owned by the Diocese, how does the school plan the upkeep and improvement of the school buildings and fund the 10% financial contribution where required?

GDPR Jargon Buster : A glossary of terms associated with the General Data Protection Regulation. (EU) 2016/679

Curriculum: How do you ensure a balanced curriculum that is accessible to all pupils?

Relationship & Sex Education (RSE): How is RSE taught in school, is it age appropriate and in keeping with the teachings of the Church?


School Leadership:

Managing Safeguarding Allegations: What is a Governor's role if an allegation is made?

Strategy: What's the big picture and where woiuld yoiu like your school to be in five years time? *Coming Soon*



Printed copies of the factsheets are available when attending NORES events.