Which questions would you ask?

We have put together a series of Factsheets aimed to help all those in governance roles in our schools and academies to evaluate and monitor important aspects of their school.

Each sheet contains an introduction to the subject, mechanisms the Governing Body can employ to facilitate the flow of information (eg Link Governors or Subject Champions) and a list of sample questions that governors can ask.

We are constantly adding to the list of topics covered and welcome any suggestions for subject matter.  Please contact main@nores.org.uk with any ideas, comments or feedback.

Governance Handbook

A general introduction to governance in a Catholic school can be found in the NORES Governance Handbook. Click here to download your copy or contact Debbie Main on 01582 723312 or main@nores.org.uk for printed copies (charged at £5 for 20 booklets).


Printed copies of the factsheets are available when attending NORES events.