In the Classroom

There are over 20,000 pupils in our schools of whom 69% are baptised Catholics.  We welcome families of other Christian denominations and other faiths who make up a further 27% of our pupils. We have 44 schools of which are 3 Independant, 20 are within Multi-Academy Trusts and 21 are maintained by their Local Authority.

NORES offers many services to schools to help them improve and evaluate their Religious Education curriculum and collective worship.  

We will:

  • visit and support staff teaching religious education
  • organise meetings for RE Coordinators and Heads of RE
  • provide INSET meetings as required
  • organise annual conferences
  • represent the Trustee at all major appointments for religious education
  • communicate national developments and initiatives
  • contribute to Religious Education nationally as members of the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers
  • with the Liturgy Commission offer courses for liturgy with young people

Developing Catholic Education - NORES Education Policy - January 2017

Head Teachers Conference 2016:

We Hold a Treasure Not Made of Gold - Powerpoint presentation

Love Lift Us Up - Powerpoint presentation 

Live Simply Thought for the Month - powerpoints to download

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Levels of Attainment in Religious Education - Full Report or Executive Summary 

Backing Track for Holy Spirit Lord of Love  mp