Jesus Teaching His Disciples

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Evangelisation and Catechesis

The NORES office provides opportunities for education and formation in two vital aspects of the ministry of the Word, Evangelisation and Catechesis.

The General Directory for Catechesis teaches that:

“Faith is a gift destined to grow in the hearts of believers. Adhering to Jesus Christ, in fact, sets in motion a process of continuing conversion, which lasts for the whole of life …The ministry of the Word is at the service of this process of full conversion. The first proclamation of the Gospel is characterised by the call to faith; catechesis by giving a foundation to conversion and providing Christian life with a basic structure.” (GDC 56, 57)

The work of Evangelisation is supported by the Diocesan Evangelisation Team, and the work of Catechesis by the Bishop’s Council for Catechesis. 

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Catechesis is an essential, and remarkable "moment" in the process of evangelisation (GDC 63).

The aim of catechesis is to put people in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ (CT 5). Catechesis therefore involves an ongoing, indeed lifelong process of integral Christian formation (GDC 84).

While each parish may organise their own programmes for Sacramental initiation and other courses the Diocese also provides ongoing support for the important work of catechesis. The Bishop’s Council for Catechesis runs Catechists' Training Courses and follow-up events and is a valuable resource.

For information about events and courses please see the Calendar, NORES News and publicity from the NORES office.

‘Being a Catechist- Basic Training for the Ministry of Catechesis’ is a course is for anyone who would like to know more about what is involved in being a catechist or to support those who already are involved in the vital ministry of catechesis. For information about forthcoming Being a Catechist courses or to request a course for your parish or pastoral area please contact the NORES office.

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