Catechesis - Unpacking the Gift of God

In the New Testament St Paul teaches that our new life in Christ is a gift, he writes: “for it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is …the gift of God.”   (Ephesians 2:8)

Our faith, like any gift, needs to be received and unpacked. Catechists need to be properly equipped, with both training and ongoing support, so that they can effectively help others to receive and unpack the precious gift of the Catholic faith.

Training and Support for Catechists
Sacramental Preparation/ Catechesis in 2020/2021


Parish Catechetical Risk Assessment [October 2020]

Paper copies of both documents are available on request from the NORES Office. Please contact the NORES Office [ or 01582 723312 Ext 1] to request these. 


A regular e-newsletter for catechists is also available with news and resources to support the work of catechesis. Please contact the NORES office with your request to be added to the catechist mailing list.  



Whilst recognising that each parish organises their own programmes for Sacramental Initiation and other formation the Diocese provides training and support for catechists.

The following Catechist Brochure contains information about Training & Support for Catechists in the Catholic Diocese of Northampton.

Download the Catechist Brochure here

To book a course for your parish or Pastoral Area or for information about forthcoming courses please contact the NORES office.The Bishop's Certificate in Catechesis Level 1 is also available online via video conferencing, please contact Alex Heath to request more information about this mode of delivery. 

In addition to the courses outlined in the brochure other events and courses are also regularly advertised via NORES News our monthly newsletter and other publicity from the NORES office.