NORES (Northampton Religious Education Service) exists to support Catholic education and formation across the Diocese of Northampton. Our remit is wide including the management of Schools and Academies and Catechesis, Adult Education and Religious Education in Schools.  Reporting to Bishop David Oakley and led by Mgr Kevin McGinnell our main responsibilities are detailed below.


  • communicates with schools, academies and parishes through NORES NEWS
  • represents the Trustee at all appointments for reserved posts of Head and Deputy Head Teacher, RE and Chaplaincy
  • organises and promotes diocesan events for education, especially the annual Education Celebration and NORES Lecture
  • organises annual conferences for Head and Deputy Head Teachers
  • is responsible for the inspection of our schools and academies as Catholic schools, and their Religious Education in accordance with canonical and civil law.
  • monitors and publishes inspection reports and supports the implementation of recommendations
  • shares in responsibility for support for schools and academies as and when needed, and with Local Authorities and other external agencies.
  • represents the diocese on the statutory committees and other bodies as required by civil law
  • works with other diocesan agencies in different ways, e.g. Finance Office, NYMO, Liturgy Commission, Vocations Team etc, and liaises with other denominational and faith bodies in this area.

 Further details of all our services can be found by clicking on NORES - What We Offer

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